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About Michelle

Michelle Gold is a qualified personal trainer with knowledge encompassing anatomy, physiology and nutrition; and it is this wide ranging understanding of the body that influences her caring attitude towards the clients she trains … More»

Personal Vibration Training Sessions

The Vibrogym, or power plate, is a vibrating plate that originated as a mechanism for rehabilitating astronauts returning from space, and has more recently been used to maintain the fitness of injured professional sports men and women.

Meet inspirational personal trainer Michelle Gold and experience a unique form of exercise with vibrogym vibration training»

Personal Training

Working as a qualified personal trainer since 2001 Michelle is able to use her knowledge in different areas of fitness to tailor exercise regimes to all her clients … More»

Swedish Massage

The most popular type of massage in the West, Swedish massage is a full body treatment using pressure and free-flowing movements to achieve an extensive list of benefits, not least of all relieving muscle stiffness and pain … More»

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